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Your Christmas Tree Guide

15th Nov

When it comes to picking the perfect Christmas tree, we are here to help you. So we’ve put together this guide to make sure you get the tree that is just right for your home.

Firstly, we recommend:

  • Buying a tree early December, this will give you the best choice
  • Keeping the tree in a sheltered spot in the garden or in a shed with the butt standing in water
  • Bring it into the house no more than 10 days before Christmas Day
  • Choose a water holding stand and keep it topped up regularly
  • Try to stand it away from fires & radiators


But which tree to go for? Here’s what we have on offer at Hollow Trees.

Image result for nordman christmas tree


Premium Grade Nordman

These trees are professionally grown with much attention to detail to choose the right soil and site to grow on. Our growers ensure careful use of fertilizers, pesticide and weed control. Each tree is pruned annually to give the best shape possible. The trees are then graded with only the very best falling into premium grade. The result is a very good tree and the most expensive in our range, with good needle retention.




Natural Nordmans

These are Hollow Trees Home Grown. They have been cut for less time so are fresher, however the shape is not as good as the premium grade. Less labour and crop protection products have been used resulting in a cheaper tree. These trees have good needle retention.




Norway SpruceNorway Spruce

These are grown by a local supplier. They are the traditional type of Christmas tree. They are faster and easier to grow than the Nordman, with a competitive price to match. Needle retention is for a shorter time than the Nordman but will give good service if kept watered and away from direct heat. Some people prefer the aroma of the Norway Spruce.


Image result for misshapen christmas treeWonky trees

These are trees that decided to be a bit different. With some creative decorating they will look great and you will have saved yourself loads of money!





Potted NordmanPotted Nordman

Field grown in Norfolk. Roots dug up and trimmed to allow them to fit into a pot. Potted and watered. Easy—take home and just put it where you wish, indoors or outdoors. Stand the pot on something (e.g. a tea tray)




Image result for picea conica tree potted Picea Conica

Perfect dense, cone shaped tree. These smaller trees are pot grown and a great addition to any room or porch.




Potted Blue SprucePotted Blue Spruce

These pot grown trees have distinctive bluey silver colour to their needles and a good shape making them very attractive trees. They have better needle retention than the Norway Spruce.





Once you’ve decided, we net your tree and load it into your car to make buying Christmas Tree go smoothly. We look forward to seeing you soon.