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Order & Collect

If you are unable to visit our Farm Shop during the pandemic then we are happy to help with our Order and Collect service.

Order & Collect

We are here to help! We know it's not as easy to pop to our Farm Shop at the moment. If you are unable to shop in person, we offer a Order and Collect Service. You can find all the details of the service below.

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How it Works


• You can order products from any department at Hollow Trees, from potatoes to pet foods and butchery to bakery too!
• Where possible we ask that orders are emailed to
• We ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice with all orders.
• We have three Collection Days. They are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week
• On your Collection Day you will be telephoned by a Hollow Trees Team member before 1pm. During this call we will discuss any substitutions or queries with your order, we will also take your payment details at this stage.
• If you have a Hollow Trees Farm loyalty card please add your number to your order.



We ask that you pick up your order between 2pm and 4pm on your Collection Day where possible. (There may be delays in answering your ‘car park phone call’ outside of this time)
• Please park in the signed Collection Pick Up Point and phone us from the car park on arrival.
• Please raise your car boot for us to put your order in.
• We will not close your car boot – that is your responsibility.


From Monday January 4th 2021 we have the following graduated service fee according to the size of your order.

  • For orders up to £40 there will be a service charge £2.50
  • For orders between £40.01p and £60 there will be a service charge of £3.50
  • Orders over £60.01p there will be a service charge of £5.00

Helpful Hints & Tips

  • We recommend you request a number of items loose fruit & veg items as opposed to weight (e.g. 4 carrots)
  • Deliveries to us are frequent however we cannot guarantee all items
  • We will make substitutions where appropriate or let us know if you do not wish to have any substitutions
  • We are stocking some additional items to our ranges including some household items so it is always worth asking!
  • We may limit quantities of some items
  • Aim for one order per week to enable us to help as many people as possible
  • Please keep additions to your order to a minimum
  • Additions cannot be guaranteed and are at the discretion of the HTF team
  • All additions to your order mean that your order will be placed at the back of the day’s queue for our pickers
  • We aim to help those most in need and therefore if you are able to shop in our Farm Shop, please do so.

Shopping Guide

Unsure of what to order? Here’s a guide to just some of the items you could order. If you have any questions or can’t find something on the list, please do ask.

Guide to HTF Products