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National Vegetarian Week

10th May

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, Sandra from the Farm Shop team, who’s been Vegetarian for over 20 years, has shared a simple Sweet Potato Burger recipe below – it could work really well as a meat-free alternative to enjoy at summer barbecues, served with a vegan slaw and corn on the cob. Sweet Potatoes are such a great root veggie – packed with vitamins and minerals, high in fibre, filling, and delicious. What’s your favourite way to eat them?

You will need:
3 Sweet potatoes
1 red onion
2 limes
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
Ginger (thumb-sized piece)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp smoked paprika
400g tin kidney beans, drained
4 burger buns, toasted
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 avocados, sliced
4 plum tomatoes
2 little gems


Step 1: Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Prick the sweet potatoes all over, put onto a baking tray and roast for 45 minutes-1 hour or until tender. Use a spoon to scoop out the soft flesh and tip into a bowl. Finely chop the skins then tip into the same bowl.

Step 2: Heat a little oil in a pan and cook the garlic and ginger for 2-3 minutes or until smelling fragrant. Tip in the cumin, paprika and kidney beans, and toss over the heat for 1 minute. Tip into a food processor and pulse until chunky but starting to clump, then tip into the bowl with the sweet potato and plenty of seasoning, and mix well. Use clean hands to form into four patties, put onto a plate and chill for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Heat more oil in a large pan and cook the burgers for 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden, then put into the oven for 10 minutes until warmed through. Spread the buns with ½ tbsp of the mayo, then top with a burger. Add some slices of avocado, a few tomato slices and some lettuce. Top with a few of the pickled onions and put on the lids. Serve the remaining lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and onions on the side with the remaining lime squeezed over.

Pick up a recipe card from the shop.