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Meet the team, part 2.

17th May

This month I caught up with Cat from the Farm Shop, for part 2 of our Meet the Team Q&A. Here is Cat’s quick 6 and it’s a gooden…

A little about you:  
I’ve been working here 5 years and 8 months; which when written seems so much longer than it feels! I came in as Fresh Produce Department Leader, and I still hold the prestigious title of Veg Queen. Despite deceiving appearances, I know a fair old bit about veg. Outside of work I enjoy a bit of writing, painting, cooking and creating, as well as trying new beers and soaking up sun. (Winter is not my friend)

Best things about your job?
I’m a creative character, and I enjoy making displays within my department to showcase our fantastic produce. My favourite thing is getting the fruit and veg looking spectacular, which is surprisingly challenging to plan and maintain. Also…I suppose for the most part, I enjoy the company of the people I work with too…😝

All time Favourite food?
Admittedly, I can’t choose one meal; very mood dependant. But in terms of a single food, it would be sprouting broccoli!

What’s always in your fridge?
Veg, craft beer, and a sauce for every occasion.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, past or present, who would you invite?
For my little soirée, I’d invite Sir David Attenborough, Gordon Ramsay and Joe Lycett. – incredible stories, amazing food, and a bit of a laugh too. (If I could have a bigger table, I’d invite Sally Bendall too, of course)

Favourite place in Suffolk?
Suffolk is so beautiful, but my favourite has to be Sutton Heath. I have many childhood memories of dog walks, hide and seek, and attempting to climb trees. It’s remote and peaceful, which is something very important for wellbeing!