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Great British Beef Week 2024!

24th Apr

It’s Great British Beef Week, and at Hollow Trees Farm, we take pride in being a producer of top-quality Great British Beef! It’s a huge part of our Hollow Trees Farm history, and will continue to be an important part of what we do here for years to come.
Our beef is raised on our farm, cared for by our dedicated Farm Team, processed locally, and returned via refrigerated transport to our Butchery, where it is transformed into the familiar products you find in our Farm Shop. It’s a perfect example of Field to Fork food!
Our skilled Butchers are experts in beef, offering around 30 different Hollow Trees Farm Homegrown Beef items at any given time. From traditional cuts to innovative products and even beef from our dry-ager, we have it all!
Every year when we open our Festive Meat order books, our Butchers gear up for a surge in orders for Rolled Sirloin, Topside, and Rib of Beef!
The Farm Café features a variety of Hollow Trees Farm Beef dishes on their menu, and this week, they are serving up some delightful Beef specials to honour Great British Beef Week!
From sliced Roast Beef to Lasagnes and Cottage Pies, these items are among the most popular products in our Deli and Farm Made selections using our Homegrown Beef.
We hope you celebrate Great British Beef Week with a bit of Hollow Trees Farm!